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About the Association


The Tsubame International Exchange Association promotes exchanges between Tsubame citizens and international Friendship cities and other countries.
(1) Promoting goodwill and harmony with each country
(2) Promoting industrial cities and promoting human exchanges and economic exchanges
(3) Deepening mutual understanding
(4) The purpose is to help revitalize regional economies.


Main activity introduction

Language Courses

Language Courses

We offer Basic, elementary, intermediate courses in foreign languages such as English and Korean.

International exchange Event

International exchange Event

We will hold an event where foreign residents are invited as guests to experience different cultures.

Japanese language course

Japanese language course

We will open a Japanese language course for foreign residents.

Other activity introduction

Overseas Economics Seminar Lectures

We invite experts to Lectures and provide information on overseas business to corporate members who are engaged in overseas transactions.

Overseas economic mission/overseas special product exhibition support business

Information on the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) will be collected and provided to group members who are considering participating in overseas economic missions and overseas trade fairs.

Utilization of international exchange volunteers

citizens who are interested in international exchange will be registered as an international exchange volunteer. We provide opportunities for volunteer activities and aim to expand the international exchange network of all citizens.

Homestay manual Making

We will hold workshops for homestay knowledge and know-how. We will issue a homestay manual.

Japanese language support

Yoshida Japanese Society

Volunteer staff teach Japanese according to their level
Date&Time:Every Saturday 10:00-12:00
*Please contact us as some classes are closed.
Venue: Tsubame Shimin Koryu Center
Tuition:1 lesson 100 yen
Contact information:contact Tsubame International Exchange Association

Tsubame International Exchange Association

Learn Japanese in group lessons divided into the first half (10 times) and the second half (10 times)
Date&Time:Every Saturday 14:00-16:15
*Please contact us as some classes are closed.
Venue:Tsubame Shimin Koryu Center
Tuition fee:first half only or second half only 4,000 yen, 20 lessons 7,000 yen
Contact information:contact Tsubame International Exchange Association

Medical information

Niigata Medical Information Network (Niigata Prefecture)

Niigata Medical Information Network (Niigata Prefecture)

Provides information on the functions of medical institutions (including midwives) and pharmacies in Niigata Prefecture.
Those who receive medical treatment can check medical institutions (including midwifery) and pharmacies that suit their symptoms and needs.
【Official site】


A medical interpreter book for foreigners in Japan.
Illustrations are provided to explain in an easy-to-understand manner the medical examinations, symptoms, and medical system. (Pay for books)
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Member recruitment

Annual fee

Individual member 1,000 yen

Member benefits
  • You can participate in each support project conducted by our association
  • Discount the participation fee for each support project
  • Issue newsletter
How to apply

Please download the membership application form below and fill in your name and address.
Please apply to our association via mail or fax. Later, you will receive a membership fee payment notice.You can also contact the secretariat window.
Please feel free to contact us.

Application form


Consultation counter

Consultation counter

Foreigner Consultation Center Niigata

We have set up a free consultation service where you can consult in various languages about the various problems of people who have roots in foreign countries, their families, and related parties.
We provide consultation and information on all aspects of life such as residence status, work, education, medical care, and welfare.

Niigata International Exchange Association

Introducing various consultation counters, life support information, medical information, etc.
in multiple languages

Foreigner Life Support Portal Site (Ministry of Justice)

This site was opened to provide useful information to foreigners and their supporters residing in Japan.
We provide various information necessary for living in Japan, such as issuing the Guidebook for Living and Working for Foreigners.

Multilingual Living Information (Local Government Internationalization Association)

Information necessary for foreigners to live in Japan is described in multiple languages

Living information

Tsubame City

  • Tsubame City’s garbage separation
  • Tsubame City Flood and Sediment Disaster Hazard Map
  • Public information:Introducing Tsubame City’s garbage separation, flood and sediment disaster hazard maps, and public information Tsubame in multiple languages

【Official site】